Denmark Keeps International Focus on Piracy

A Hijacking

Denmark wants to keep international focus on piracy. Therefore, Denmark showed the film “A Hijacking” last night at an event in connection with the current session of the IMO Maritime Safety Committee (MSC 92).

The Danish drama “A Hijacking” gives a picture of a hijacking and the human consequences hereof. The film was shown to the delegates of the Maritime Safety Committee. Royal Danish Ambassador to the United Kingdom Anne Hedensted Steffensen was also present. After the film, the Danish Maritime Authority hosted a reception on behalf of Denmark during which the film created debate.

 Director General of the Danish Maritime Authority Andreas Nordseth says:

The MSC has debated and drawn up the IMO recommendations in the field of piracy and we, on the Danish side, considered this a convenient occasion to bring the problem of piracy into focus in a different way and to keep it on the international agenda. I think that the film made a great impression on the delegates. A film such as ‘A Hijacking’ can present the costs to the seafarers in a way that no IMO resolution is capable of.”


DMA, June 20, 2013

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