DLM Wins Subsea Data Logging Tensile Link Deal in India

Indian distributors have purchased five units of DLM Subsea Data Logging Tensile Link.

The five load cells will be used to measure line tension on a mooring line for a project in conjunction with the Indian Oceanographic team.

The Subsea Data logging Tensile Link is used for measuring tensile loads on subsea mooring lines, underwater deployments and other similar applications. It is capable of being deployed in up to 3000 meters water depth for periods of up to one year.

The customer wanted to adapt the product slightly to record the data over one year with recordings being logged every 15 seconds. This is something DLM design team were able to look into and produce, the company explained.

Mike Sprague, operations manager at DLM, said: “Since launching this product in April and winning the Spirit of Innovation award at the European Commercial Marine event we have had a substantial amount of enquiries from across the globe. It is a product which we are able to adapt to suit to the clients application, which is what we have managed to do in this case.”

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