DMEC welcomes Danish delegation at Marine Energy Hub

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, Christian Stenberg, Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities, and the Danish Ambassador to the Netherlands Jarl Kåre Frijs-Madsen have paid a visit to Dutch Marine Energy Centre’s (DMEC) Marine Energy Hub in The Hague.


Today’s visit of the Danish delegation is said to be an important step for marine energy as a renewable energy source, especially considering the signing of the Esbjerg declaration on 18 May.

The focus of the visit is an introduction to marine energy and Dutch marine energy innovations.

The potential of marine energy in multi-source energy farms and application in climate-adaptive infrastructures was highlighted, as well as the strength of Dutch research and open water test facilities.

“The signing of the agreement in Esbjerg last month underlines the importance of the North Sea for our sustainable energy supply. I am thrilled with the Danish interest in Dutch marine energy innovations,” said Britta Schaffmeister, DMEC CEO.

“By strengthening our cross border collaboration, we can play a significant role in achieving national and European targets for renewable energy in 2025, 2030 and 2050.”

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During the interactive tour, the guests were introduced to the innovations of Dutch companies SeaQurrent (tidal energy), Dutch Wave Power (wave energy), REDstack (blue energy) and Tocardo (tidal energy).

In addition, the delegation visited the Tocardo tidal turbine, which is displayed on the quay in honor of the opening of the Marine Energy Hub two weeks ago.

“I am truly excited about the potential of marine energy solutions and impressed with how far the Netherlands have come in this important field. Great if the Netherlands and Denmark could offer integrated solutions complementing wind and other renewables. By joining forces, we could perhaps realise these solutions in the North Sea and showcase their global application,” Ambassador Jarl Kåre Frijs-Madsen said.

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