Photo: Courtesy of DNV

DNV publishes handbook for hydrogen-fueled shipping

As the result of the first phase of the DNV-led MarHySafe project, ‘Handbook for Hydrogen-fueled Vessels’ promises a road map towards safe hydrogen operations using fuel cells.

MarHySafe; hydrogen-fueled; DNV
Courtesy of DNV

The handbook reportedly details how to navigate requirements for the design and construction of hydrogen-fueled vessels.

It is also covering different aspects of hydrogen operations, such as safety and risk mitigation, engineering details for hydrogen systems, and implementation phases for maritime applications, based on the current regulatory Alternative Design process framework.

Green hydrogen is seen as a great potential for the maritime industry’s decarbonization since it is emission-free, produced through electrolysis. Hydrogen could be available across the world in the future, as marine fuel or a key component in the making of synthetic fuels.

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The MarHySafe project has brought together 26 leading industry companies and associations. It is led by the Norway-based classification society DNV (formerly known as DNV GL).

Since the project is ongoing, this publication is said to be continually updated in line with the latest industry expertise on hydrogen as a marine fuel.

You can sign up for the handbook here.