DOF charters 2013-built Jones Act vessel

DOF Group is chartering a 2013-built ultra-light intervention vessel from Bordelon Marine for work in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico.

Source: DOF

DOF announced the charter of the Jones Act-compliant Connor Bordelon to support the North America operation in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico for a one-year term with a one-year option.

Mons Aase, DOF’s Group CEO said: “We believe that DOF’s sustainable presence in the GoM is a key part of the Group global strategy for integrated offshore services and we welcome Bordelon Marine as key partner together with Otto Candies for our Jones Act Complaint operation.”

The time charter will commence in March 2024 when DOF will mobilize two heavy-work class remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and survey as part of the integrated spread to ensure client coverage between the end of the charter of the Ross Candies in February 2024 and the start of charter of Cade Candies in 2025.

Connor Bordelon is a USA 78-meter DP II vessel with a 60-ton AHC Crane capable of reaching 3,000 meters of water depth, has accommodation for 60 persons, a helideck and a 572 m2 open deck.

“The combination of the vessel capability and terms, the Jones Act Compliance and its low fuel consumption, makes of the Connor Bordelon one of the most cost cost-effective IMR and light construction vessel in the GoM for the next 2 years offered in combination with the capabilities of the Cade Candies,” said Marco Sclocchi, EVP North America at DOF.

In terms of other recent news coming from DOF, it was announced yesterday, December 14, that DOF Rederi was in the process of divesting one of its platform supply vessels (PSVs).

With a LOA of 74.3 meters, the PSV is of an MT 6009-FSV design and can accommodate 21 people.