Donjon Crews Busy at Manhattan Cruise Terminal

Donjon Marine Co., Inc. is expediting dredging operations at Manhattan Cruise Terminal to make way for the U.S. Navy’s hospital ship USNS COMFORT. 

The USNS COMFORT received orders from President Trump to dock in Manhattan as a relief hospital facility for individuals needing hospital care but who are not necessarily infected with COVID-19.

According to the Dredging Contractors of America’s latest announcement, this will allow more bed space in NYC’s land-based hospitals for infected patients. The ship has upwards of 1,000 hospital beds.

Donjon Marine of Hillside, New Jersey was contacted recently and asked to begin dredging Manhattan Cruise Terminal’s Berth 4 in anticipation of the arrival of the USNS COMFORT to New York City.

Donjon sprang into action, hurrying a dump scow out of drydock 10 days earlier than scheduled, and moving its dredge the Delaware Bay and two other scows from ongoing projects into position.