DP World rolls out digital platforms to facilitate global trade during COVID-19

Dubai-based terminal operator DP World has launched a plethora of online logistics tools and services enabling businesses to book shipments of cargo by any combination of sea, land, and air.

The company said the roll-out of the platforms was sped up by the ongoing challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic to keeping the trade moving.

The initiative follows DP World’s acquisition of SeaRates.com, a digital platform that enables global cargo transport, along with LandRates.com and AirRates.com.

DP World has also created the Digital Freight Alliance which is an online association that brings freight forwarders globally onto one platform, giving them access to new tools, routes and services.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated that we must do all we can to make supply chains stronger to keep trade flowing, even in times of unprecedented challenges for the world,” DP World Chief Operating Officer for Logistics and Technology, Mike Bhaskaran, said.

“DP World’s vision is to digitalize supply chains leveraging our worldwide infrastructure of ports, terminals, economics zones, and other assets.

The port operator’s global network of ports, terminals and economic zones covers more than 150 operations in over 50 countries.