'Dramatic energy savings' on the menu for one of Solstad's largest CSVs

‘Dramatic energy savings’ on the menu for one of Solstad’s largest CSVs

One of the largest construction support vessels (CSVs) in Solstad Offshore’s fleet is set to receive an energy-efficient upgrade said to allow “dramatic energy savings”.

Source: Solstad Offshore

Kongsberg Maritime has been appointed to upgrade the Normand Sentinel from AZP 120 CP mechanical thruster to RD-AZ2600 rim-drive azimuth thrusters, expected to allow fuel savings of up to 16% during transits and up to 40% in DP mode.

In addition to the energy savings, the transition to rim-drive thrusters is set to lead to a significant reduction in maintenance costs as the rim-drive technology simplifies the propulsion system by minimizing the number of mechanical components, which in turn reduces the frequency and complexity of maintenance interventions, Kongsberg said.

According to the company, this enhances the operational efficiency of the Normand Sentinel and also contributes to a lower total cost of ownership.

“This strategic move supports the green shift by significantly reducing fuel consumption. Additionally, the technology improves the vessel’s operability and capacity, while reducing the maintenance scope. This aligns with Solstad’s continuous commitment to reduce emissions,” said Tor Johan Tveit, Chief Operating Officer at Solstad.

The vessel, measuring 143 meters in length, will receive this upgrade during its next scheduled drydocking. It was recently chartered for subsea construction work in West Africa, set to commence in the second quarter of 2024. 

Kongsberg noted that the retrofit process requires no significant modifications to the vessel’s hull and will not extend the standard drydocking period. The mechanical interface will be removed, but the existing equipment within the hull will be utilized.

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“Solstad’s investment in this ten-year-old vessel is a bold statement of their commitment to providing energy-efficient and environmentally friendly maritime solutions. The anticipated energy savings, particularly in DP mode, will ensure the vessel remains a preferred choice in the market,” James Poulton, SVP Aftermarket Sales at Kongsberg Maritime said.

In November 2023, Kongsberg Maritime and Solstad signed a collaboration agreement focused on decarbonization initiatives which underscores the companies’ dedication to enhancing fuel efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions across the Solstad fleet. Additionally, the partnership will explore the integration of innovative digital technologies to further improve operational efficiency.