Drass Provides Saturation Diving System for New DSVs

Drass of Italy has been selected by VARD Shipyard to supply a 12-man single bell 100 series saturation diving system for Kreuz Subsea new diving support vessel.

The vessel will be of VARD 3 17 design, with a total length of 91.2 meters and a beam of 21.5 meters, and has been developed for diving support and subsea construction duties.

As VARD wrote, the diving system can operate in water depths of up to 300 meters with a surface diving spread suitable for air diving in up to 50 meters depth. The diving accommodation is divided into three saturation living chambers.

“The award reaffirms the ties between VARD and Drass following their joint cooperation in the Harkand DSV project, which is now in the commissioning phase at VARD Soviknes,” Drass said in a press release.

At the same time CSSC Guangzhou Huangpu Shipyard in partnership with Jumeirah Offshore has awarded Drass a contract to supply a 24-man twin bell automated 100 Series Saturation Diving System.

The dive system will have two diving bells installed. This vessel is scheduled for delivery in 2017.

Drass MD Sergio Cappelletti said: “These significant awards, in the present difficult market, confirm the soundness of Drass’s move to standardize the 100 Series design. The subsequent cost reduction whilst maintaining reliability of product quality and delivery times, alongside a consolidated and simple PLC control system, has been welcomed. Drass perceived the new challenges facing the market and set about transforming such challenges into opportunities to evolve. Drass’s success is testimony to its vision, initiative and innovation.”

Subsea World News Staff