Electric ROV for Ocean Infinity’s Armada fleet

Saab Seaeye Leopard ROV with Ocean Infinity armada
Saab Seaeye/Ocean Infinity

Ocean Infinity has selected the Saab Seaeye Leopard ROV to complement its pioneering ‘Armada’ fleet of unmanned surface robot vessels.

Saab Seaeye/Ocean Infinity

The electric Leopard work-class underwater vehicles will launch from Ocean Infinity’s initial 13 environmentally sustainable unmanned vessels for a variety of offshore and coastal services.

Dan Hook, Ocean Infinity, said: “The 3000 m Seaeye Leopard was chosen not only because it is well suited to USV applications but more specifically because of its comparable capabilities to a conventional hydraulic work class vehicle, but with considerably less input power, meaning materially reduced carbon emissions.”

“The Leopard has ready adaptability for ‘Over the Horizon’ operations as well as a clear reputation for reliability and its suitability for remote operations – crucial for maintenance or repairs as part of an unmanned fleet,” he continued.

Jon Robertson, Saab Seaeye said: “The Armada Fleet complete with the Leopard vehicle will dramatically reduce the impact of offshore operations by cutting CO2 emissions and at the same time increase safety at sea by reducing manpower deployed.”

Ocean Infinity’s Armada fleet should advance the global maritime industry, driving technology and sustainability to deliver a wide range of services including offshore and coastal survey data acquisition, geotechnical surveys, ROV and AUV operations, logistics and security in the safest, lowest impact and highest value way that exists today.

Onshore control centres based in Southampton UK, Austin Texas USA and also one in Asia will operate and monitor the Armada fleet.

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Construction of the fleet is underway and it should be operational early next year.