ENC Installation in One Click

Nautisk has partnered with a Norwegian-based software company Telko to develop a new, one-click ENC installation solution, aimed at making it even easier to keep TECDIS-branded ECDIS systems up to date and compliant.

ENC Installation in One ClickAccording to Nautisk Head of Global Sales, Peter J. Pran, TECDIS now recognizes when an exchange set created in Neptune is inserted into the ECDIS, facilitating a one-click installation and an automatic update of the vessels’ ENC cells.

Pran said: “We are always looking for ways to simplify onboard tasks for the mariners that use our services, and we are aware that ENC updates and handling need to be as simple and efficient as possible. One-click installation of ENC cells simplifies the normal update process, minimising the time taken and number of clicks required to keep the ECDIS up to date.

Using the one-click ENC download in Neptune alongside the one-click update process in TECDIS, we have reduced what can be a time-consuming task to a two-step process.”

This new feature is available with the latest software upgrade from TECDIS and as such, allows existing TECDIS users who update their ECDIS software to benefit fully from it. One-click updating is available for all licensing types for both the AVCS and Primar services.

Nautisk also is working on further projects to make ENC handling simpler with other ECDIS types.

June 11, 2014

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