First steel cut for Drydocks World’s LNG-powered tug

Drydocks World and Maritime World held a steel cutting ceremony for the Middle East’s first LNG-powered harbour tug Elemarateyah.

The large global reserves of gas and the energy efficiency of LNG fuel, compounded by stringent emissions standards, positions LNG as a commercially viable opportunity. LNG fuel has almost double the energy content of MDO fuel, with LNG approximately reducing emissions of NOx by 85% and CO2 by 25%. LNG as an alternative energy source is gaining momentum as the ‘fuel of the future’ among the global maritime community, Drydocks World said in a statement.

Drydocks World’s LNG-power concept, Elemarateyah, is due to be completed in May 2016.

Wartsila will supply the main engine while Tasneef will provide classification services.

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