Fjell Subsea Products Wins Subsea Upcoming Company of the Year Award

Fjell Subsea Products Wins Subsea Upcoming Company of the Year Award

The winner of the award ‘Subsea Upcoming Company of the Year’ this year was the young and innovative company Fjell Subsea Products. The company received the award for its excellent results in the fields of technology, innovation, marketing and sales.

“We are both proud and happy to have received the award, particularly when you consider all the other great companies who were nominated as candidates. As well as the positive attention this is giving us, the award is an inspiring and positive confirmation that we are heading in the right direction,” says chairman Rune Hatletvedt.

“We feel that we have been rewarded for our ability to think innovatively and differently,” adds General Manager, Kristian Karlsen.

As winner of the award, the company received a work of art, a diploma and NOK 80,000, to be used for development purposes at the company. The award is a collaboration between NCE Subsea, Sparebanken Vest, CONNECT Vest and the Underwater Technology Foundation.

Formula for success

“Our formula for success is our team of capable employees who complement each other within the company’s various specialised fields. We adopt a long-term approach, building on a ‘stone by stone’ basis. We are reliable and provide the customer with a swift, flexible and target-orientated service,” continues Rune.

“We have self-developed products and also undertake services such as pressure testing of subsea components. We have equipment and a hyperbaric chamber that enable us to conduct tests that simulate an ocean depth of 4,000 metres,” says Kristian.

“We maintain continuous focus on improving ourselves and have developed management systems that make it possible for us to manage quality, health, the environment and safety in accordance with the industry’s prevailing standards.”

Hydraulic couplings and valves

The main products of this young company are hydraulic couplings and ball valves in various sizes.

“We push ourselves to the limit to fulfil the specifications of the individual customer. The fact that we offer standardised products and components, thus ensuring that unit costs are competitive, is another advantage we have,” says Kristian.

Product development and testing are conducted in appropriate premises, where the company has its own workshop containing new, state-of-the-art testing equipment. On these premises the company is currently conducting a groundbreaking test and development project for Statoil.

“Statoil has dedicated a lot of time to this project,” says Kristian, though out of consideration to the customer is unable to elaborate further.

“The collaboration with Statoil has been very positive for us. Statoil’s representatives are capable and exacting. This means that we also have to push ourselves and gain plenty of experience,” adds Rune.

On the hunt for more capable employees

As a smaller company, Fjell Subsea Products can offer engineers and project managers exciting challenges that distinguish themselves somewhat from the bigger companies. Anyone wishing to learn more about this is invited to contact us.

“At Fjell Subsea Products, employees participate in the creation process, from beginning to end. Working for us you can really make a difference, which is something that is not always as obvious among larger companies,” says Kristian.

“At this company, everyone is on the same team, throughout the entire process, from idea to sales to final delivery,” says Rune.

A useful network

The award winner finds NCE Subsea’s network very useful and has participated in the programmes ‘Subsea Next Step’ and ‘CONNECT Springbrett’.

“The programmes have given us a better understanding of the industry. NCE Subsea is undoubtedly a highly competent industry player and takes personal ownership. And we feel that they want us to succeed,” says Rune.

Out in the world

“We would like to position ourselves as a long term and capable supplier within our product line. In addition, we would like to join our customers out in the world. If we can fulfil the demands and expectations of North Sea businesses, we’re good enough for the rest of the world, too,” says Rune.

“We are well positioned to achieve our turnover target of NOK 10 million this year. We have solid projects and plans, owners who are ready for the long haul, and the future looks bright, in terms of both turnover and profit,” he concludes.


Press Release, June 20, 2013


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