Forum and SCS Set Up Showcase Event in Aberdeen

Subsea Commercial Services (SCS) and Forum Energy Technologies have organised a two-day event that featured specialist equipment manufacturers from the US, Canada and France.

Using Forum’s newly-opened purpose built test tank in Aberdeen, representatives from ITER systems, EMO Marine Technologies and Remote Ocean Systems (ROS) were able to display a number of products that had not previously been demonstrated in Scotland’s North-East.

Products on show covered a range of areas including inspection repair and maintenance, construction work, pipeline inspections, pre-route surveys, offshore windfarms, defence, harbour and inland hydrographic surveys.

Systems and applications shown for the first time in Aberdeen included ITER’s Bathyswath-2 seabed mapping and imaging system and EMO’s Domino 7 MkII and Nano MUX fibre optic multiplexers. ROS also unveiled its L350 LED lights and P15 pan and tilts.