France: Bureau Veritas, Member of Technical Committee 88

Bureau Veritas, Member of Technical Committee 88

Recognized as a leading wind expert, Bureau Veritas is a member of the Technical Committee 88 (TC 88) for the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) responsible for preparing international standards for wind turbines.

The TC 88 is composed of wind turbine industry stakeholders such as turbine designers, component manufacturers and certification bodies. The Committee was formed in 1987 and has issued a series of standards under the IEC 61400 reference to address design requirements, engineering integrity, measurement techniques and test procedures. The series has become the basis of Bureau Veritas’s Type Certification and Project Certification.

Bureau Veritas, a daily user of IEC 61400 series standards and in contact with many actors in the wind domain, has an important role to play in TC 88 such as proposing improvements of existing standards, commenting on requirements and voting on projects.

Bureau Veritas is also a member of the group UF 88 of the UTE Commission: the intermediate between French actors in the wind industry and the IEC Commission. This group is in charge of coordination in order to participate actively and efficiently in TC 88.


Press release, October 29, 2012; Image: Bureau Veritas