Franklin Heads to Palma Mallorca, Spain

Franklin Heads to Palma Mallorca, Spain

MMT´s survey vessel Franklin is leaving a cold Scandinavia and is heading towards the Mediterranean.

Franklin´s Master Ulf Segersäll comments the journey:

“Franklin is leaving Hirtshals, to what we hope a warmer and more humid climate, Palma Mallorca. Last time we checked, it was unbelievable 9 degrees Celsius there. Yes you read it right, nine (not nineteen). What a disappointment! But now, after our last successful project in Lofoten and Oslofjord, we are finally on our way. The last 36 hours we have been bouncing around as we have had 50kn winds and 5-7 m waves. We will try to reach a weather window in Biscay as it takes at least 2 days to pass. It looks dim though at the moment, expected SW strong winds & waves in the channel as well. When passing Cape Finisterre sailing along the Portuguese coast, we hope that the low-pressures is left behind. When passing Gibraltar, it takes approx 48 hours to reach Palma where we will have a crew change, taking onboard all survey personal. So as you understand from the information, it is tough guys on a rocking boat in a big sea, or as we say onboard; when Franklin rocks everyone else stops.”

The survey & ROV vessel Franklin, length 56 metres, is fully equipped for seabed survey in water depths of 10 – 2000 metres. Cabins and beds are available for 10 crew members and 16 surveyors. The vessel has a well-proven track record in hydrographical surveys, ROV operations, geotechnical sampling, geophysical seabed mapping and environmental assignments.

Press Release, November 27, 2012

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