Fugro Provides 3D Acoustic Metrology on Spool Piece (USA)

Fugro Chance Inc. successfully provided three-dimensional (3D) acoustic metrology on a large 36-inch (91-centimetre) diameter spool piece, despite environmental and logistical challenges.

The highly accurate metrology was performed from a platform in Enlace Litoral Tabasco, Gulf of Mexico at a water depth of 25 meters.

Active lines from the platform created a noisy auditory environment and the shallow water depth provided additional challenges in the long baseline (LBL) acoustic operations. Once measurements were finalized, the spool piece was welded to the existing pipeline and then set back down on the seabed. With limited tolerance for such a large diameter spool piece to fit into the riser brackets, the delivery of precise measurements was crucial for on-time completion of the project.

This was one of the shallowest 3D acoustic metrology projects Fugro Chance has ever completed and the spool piece was the largest in diameter acoustically measured. The client had allotted 36 hours for completion but Fugro’s fast response time and on-site trouble-shooting enabled completion within 23 hours, saving the client time and money.


Press Release, August 13, 2013