Fugro Supports BP Trinidad and Tobago’s Ops

  • Operations & Maintenance

Fugro has provided several services to BP Trinidad and Tobago (bpTT) to allow safe drilling and completion of five subsea wells.

The services included positioning which was carried out onboard the drilling vessel as well as on the three supporting anchor handling tugs. Wellhead motion (fatigue) monitoring and metocean measurements were also provided by Fugro, the company informed.

Dimensional control survey services, DGNSS verification, gyrocompass calibration and offset measurements and navigation at the well locations were also included in the agreement, as well as final positioning of the drilling vessel within the required tolerance of three meters. This position accuracy was required because the five wells were being drilled in a cluster (with separation ranging between 16 and 30 meters) and because of the need to accommodate subsea Xmas trees, Fugro explained.

Survey support was also provided for anchor handling and ROV operations as well as for subsea asset positioning.

To enable the monitoring of subsea equipment integrity during operations, Fugro supplied its wellhead and riser instrumentation service (WARIS) which included monitoring at two subsea locations.

Fugro installed an acoustic doppler current profiler on the seabed for metocean measurements.

bpTT drilling engineer, Anil Saisbhan said, “The additional non-traditional services from Fugro with the WARIS and real-time ADCP measurements have enabled us to realize more fatigue life of wellhead components than was theoretically suggested, as well as to mitigate against operational risk with high currents which occur sporadically in the area.”

Fugro Trinidad country manager, Neil Bissoon, said, “This project demonstrates another one of the major advantages that Fugro can bring to operators. We delivered a cost-effective solution to bpTT’s drilling project by sharing synergistic support functions across three major services.”

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