GALLERY: Ultra Deep Solutions bags 5-year charter for DSCV Van Gogh

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Ultra Deep Solutions (UDS), an operator of ultra deep diving construction vessels (DSCVs), has entered into a five-year contract for the DSCV Van Gogh.

The Van Gogh is of a Marin Teknikk design from Norway. The vessel is 114 meters long and 23 meters wide.

It comes with an 18 men saturation system and Twin 18 men SPHL’s. The vessel has a 150 t AHC with 1100 m2 of open back deck. This DNV-GL classed vessel has 14,700 KW of power. Also inside there is 120 POB accommodation.

UDS CEO, Shel Hutton, said: “This is now our third vessel in our fleet coming out. Our UDS team has worked so hard to build the Van Gogh into a world class vessel. I would like to also thank all our financial supporting groups and most of all our charters who believed strongly in our fleet. It shows UDS will now move to the next level in the subsea sector. Right now we feel the Subsea market is in the infancy of a break-out.”

Ultra Deep Solutions also said recently that it would start building in 2018 the first DSCV Energy Surplus Hybrid Diving vessel.

“We look to cut our fuel costs on a daily operating basis by over 50%,” the company explained.

The vessel will be designed with 15,000 KW of power and the company will maintain its standard working depth of 3000 msw. It will have a 250 t AHC to 3000 meters. Also, the vessel will have a 24 men Twin Bell, Twin 24 men SPHL’s good to a working depth of 450 msw. It will also have 2 x WROV’s and accommodate 140 POB.

Hutton commented: “We have worked on the hybrid designs for years now at UDS. And we finally have a design we really like.”

Offshore Energy Today Staff

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