Gloryholder LGM tech ordered for Siem’s LNG-fueled car carriers

The technology company Gloryholder LGM has been contracted to supply LNG fuel gas supply systems for Siem Car Carriers’ two new 500 CEU Post-Panamax PCTCs to serve the Volkswagen Group. 

The ships will be equipped with a high-pressure low-speed two-stroke dual-fuel (DF) main engine with a supply pressure of 300 bar, DF generator set, DF boiler and Gloryholder LGM’s re-liquefaction system.

Gloryholder LGM will provide design and supply of the whole LNG fuel gas supply system including two sets of LNG bunkering stations, two sets of 1800 cubic meter Type C LNG fuel tanks in cargo hold, one set of high pressure/low pressure gas supply unit, BOG handling system, water/glycol system, gas detection system and LNG fuel security & control system.

The risk assessment workshop done by Siem Car Carriers, Xiamen Shipyard, ABS, SDARI and Gloryholder was finished in September.

The new ships will be the largest LNG fuelled PCTCs in the world, Gloryholder LNG said, and will be used for global automobile transportation for one of the world’s largest car manufacturers, Volkswagen Group.

The two LNG-fueled freighters will replace two of the nine vessels using heavy fuel oil from 2019 onwards, Volkswagen said, adding that these vessels will be used exclusively for its round trip scheme across the North Atlantic serving the markets of Canada, the USA, Mexico and Europe.