Huawei Exhibits 100G Subsea Solution in Africa

Huawei, and Huawei Marine, a submarine cable network provider, has presented its Super 100G solution at WDM & Next Generation Optical Networking Africa which is held in Capetown.

Huawei says that this solution includes high-integrated 100G, metro 100G and submarine 100G capabilities, and it will provide the best cost efficient super 100G solution for operators, enriching communications for Africa.

WDM & Next Generation Optical Networking Africa is the newest addition to the WDM World Series. Showcasing the rapid growth in the optical market in Africa, the conference will bring together insights and experience of operators and vendors assessing the massive technical challenges the industry faces to deliver high speeds, and ensure that networks are fast enough to handle the current and anticipated traffic demands.

The company said it’s been dedicated to provide the best telecom networks for Africa for more than 15 years. In August 2014, Huawei and MTN, successfully conducted a live trial showcasing the Transport Software-Defined Networking (T-SDN) and 2.4Tbit/s wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) systems. This innovated project was awarded “Best Cost Efficiency Solution’s for Africa” at AfricaCom,the largest technology event in Africa in November 2014.

100G technology is now mature and the cost per bit per kilometre is even more competitive compared to 10G and 40G, 100G is the standard wavelength deployed in nearly all greenfield backbone projects.

Currently more than ten operators from East & Southern Africa have deployed 100G DWDM networks, covering the entire South Africa region, Angola and Kenya, and more are planned for 2015.
Huawei Marine also demonstrated their 2nd generation repeater, RPT 1660 R2 and Branching Unit, BU 1650 R2 for subsea turnkey global telecommunication networks through a comprehensive product design, life testing and validation process.