Photo: Courtesy of HyCC

HyCC launches H2era green hydrogen plant in Amsterdam port

Hydrogen company HyCC has launched Project H2era to construct a 500-megawatt green hydrogen plant at the Port of Amsterdam.

HyCC launches H2era green hydrogen plant in Amsterdam port
Courtesy of HyCC

The project is launched in cooperation with the Port of Amsterdam. HyCC sees it as a major step forward in the development of the regional hydrogen economy to help decarbonise industry and mobility.

“The use of green hydrogen is crucial to reduce emissions from industries such as steel, chemicals and aviation,” says Marcel Galjee, managing director HyCC. “With the H2era project, we can produce an important part of the hydrogen locally and lay the foundation for a sustainable hydrogen economy in the Amsterdam region.”

HyCC intends to start operations of the new plant in the Amsterdam port area in 2027.

HyCC and the Port of Amsterdam have completed a first feasibility study and the project will be further developed in the coming months during the study phase (pre-FEED).

H2era will produce green hydrogen and oxygen from renewable electricity and water in a process called electrolysis. Discussions are currently underway with various parties to use hydrogen for the decarbonisation of industries in the region. In addition, hydrogen can be used for green mobility. In the future, the new plant can also be connected to a national pipeline network to enable the exchange of hydrogen between industrial clusters.

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Dorine Bosman, CIO of the Port of Amsterdam, said: “500 megawatt of green hydrogen production is an enormous asset for the regional hydrogen economy. With this project, the Port of Amsterdam strengthens its position as a frontrunner in the transition to a sustainable, circular economy.”

The regional energy strategy foresees the use of large amounts of green hydrogen to decarbonise industry and mobility in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Local hydrogen production based on electricity from renewable sources is an essential part of the transition, in addition to imports.

HyCC is also working with Port of Amsterdam and Tata Steel on a 100-megawatt plant at the site of Tata Steel IJmuiden, called project H2ermes.