IMCA to Host Subsea Fibre & Hybrid Rope Workshop

The International Marine Contractors Association will be holding a subsea fibre & hybrid rope seminar in Amsterdam on Wednesday 29 October, which will enable attendees to fully understand, and become involved with the discussion on, what is required by the subsea construction industry.

IMCA-Updates-DESIGN-for-Surface-Orientated-Air-Diving-SystemsThis includes the approaches taken in fibre and hybrid rope system adoption into subsea hoisting, the readiness of such systems and clarification of any technical developments still required to close any gaps preventing adoption, awareness of existing systems, their performance and track record.

This free-to-attend workshop, one in a biannual series of events organised by IMCA’s Crane & Winch Workgroup, follows the successful workshop on Optimal System Design.

“Proposals for presentations covering Fibre and Hybrid Ropes for Subsea Construction – ‘Are we ready?’ are now being collated for the workshop,” explains IMCA Technical Adviser, Mark Ford.

“Topics that we are considering for discussion include:

– Fibre and coating selection and how this can affect performance;
– Rope design including splicing, repair, terminations, inspection and maintenance;
– Specialist jacketed and hybrid wire / fibre designs;
– Fibre rope hoisting winch design solutions and experience;
– Relevant codes and recommended practices.

“The hot topics that we hope to include within sessions are:

– Acceptance requirements for fibre and hybrid ropes / gap analysis – what are the stumbling blocks?;

– Inspection, repair and maintenance, technology requirements;

– Discard criteria;

– System integration – guidelines and issue awareness;

– End user requirements and experience.”

Press Release, September 02, 2014


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