Indonesia to add wave power plants to its energy mix

The Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry of Indonesia has announced plans for the development of wave and current power plants in the country.

According to Jakarta Post, Sudirman Said, the country’s Energy and Mineral Resources Minister, revealed that his ministry would encourage the use of energy potential from the sea as part of the government’s marine development policy.

“(The use of) waves and currents to generate power will be part of our effort to encourage the use of renewable energy. Marine natural resources will be the basis of future development,” Sudirman was quoted as saying by Jakarta Post.

Ministry spokesman Dadan Kusdiana added that the Indonesian government is likely to launch a pilot project for marine current generation this year, The Jakarta Post reports.

Government of Indonesia has committed to ensure 23 percent of electricity is generated from renewables by the year 2025.

In February two renewable energy projects were announced for Indonesia – tidal energy generation and ocean thermal energy conversion project.

Sabella, French tidal energy developer, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with PLP, and MEINDO to supply tidal turbines from 100 kW to 2.500 kW in capacity that would power remote areas of Indonesia.

Akuo Energy and Pertamina have also signed an MoU for developing renewable energy projects, including OTEC plant, at various sites in Indonesia.

Image: flickr/Jessica Nicole