IWCF to Launch New Course Focusing on Well Control Post Macondo

The International Well Control Forum (IWCF) is gearing up to launch a new online awareness course focussing on the life cycle of a well, with particular emphasis on well control. It is aimed at everyone working in the oil and gas industry and those planning on entering the sector.

IWCF to Launch New Course Focusing on Well Control Post Macondo

The free e-learning initiative will be available on IWCF’s website before the end of the year after the organisation, which sets international training standards for well control, commissioned new content and the build of an interactive online programme.

The development supports IWCF’s drive for increasing understanding of how well control events can occur and their consequences and prevention methods following the recommendations from the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (OGP) after the Macondo tragedy.

IWCF already offers the higher levels, 2, 3 and 4, which are targeted specifically at those involved with well and drilling operations, but plans for the new level 1 training to be accessible by everyone with an interest in the industry.

David Price, CEO of IWCF said: “Introducing free basic awareness training is in direct response to some of the recommendations made by OGP following the Macondo incident as we believe that it will help to increase basic well competency and offshore safety. We would urge anyone with an interest in the oil and gas industry from university students to people working in onshore roles to get involved as it will give a lot of interesting insights into how we can all work together to make the offshore environment a safer place to work.”

The training will start with a scene setter on how reservoirs are formed and the lifecycle of a well through to drilling and intervention activity and finally hazards, prevention methods and industry techniques to deal with a blowout with real life examples on Macondo and other incidents. The online programme is being designed and built by Oilennium, part of the Petrofac Group.

Founded by the oil and gas operators in 1992, IWCF is an independent, not for profit organisation with elected representatives and a global network of branches, representing the entire industry. Headquartered in Montrose, UK, IWCF administers well control training, assessment and certification programmes.

IWCF is committed to creating a step-change in well control knowledge and is currently investing in new facilities in Montrose to enhance training for assessors and instructors, including the use of simulators to replicate real-life scenarios.

Mr Price added: “We are taking a fresh look at what is taught and our new facility will further improve the quality of the learning experience. As we are fully independent, we have been able to focus investment on introducing new course content and levels for well control training, which will benefit the wider industry.”

Since 1992, IWCF has certified over 160,000 people in almost every continent through 210 accredited training centres.

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