Jinhai Heavy Patents Its Superstructure Hoisting Method

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Jinhai Heavy Patents Its Superstructure Hoisting Method

Chinese shipbuilder Jinhai Heavy Industry has received patent rights for its large ship superstructure hoisting method after a state intellectual property review.

The large ship superstructure assembly uses a special method of calculating parameters of weight and center of gravity of the whole superstructure and that of gantry crane equipment, such as wire rope length, with the weight lifting point configuration and the overall design rings figures.

The overall finite element model is established, after a comprehensive check and correction, finally completing the safe and efficient lifting operation, so that the dock cycle is shortened, easing the structure’s total set of ground pressure, and thus effectively upgrading the enterprise’s production of the ship.

Up till now, the enterprise has developed 25 patents.

This authorization is another breakthrough in patented inventions, and reflects the shipyard’s core competitiveness in a major ship-building industry, laying a solid foundation to further enhance the enterprise’s comprehensive strength,” the company said.

Press Release, July 31, 2014

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