Liebherr Exhibits at China Wind Power 2012 in Beijing

Liebherr Exhibits at China Wind Power 2012 in Beijing

The annual wind energy trade fair, China Wind Power has opened its doors on 15th of November 2012 for the fifth time. Liebherr, manufacturer of construction machines based in Germany, presented a selection from its extensive range of products for the wind industry at Stand WB12.

This included efficient components for wind turbines, hobbing and shaping machines for transmission production in wind power sector and construction cranes, mobile cranes and heavy lift offshore cranes for installation of wind turbines.

Liebherr offers both the electromechanical rotor blade adjustment with gear mechanism and the hydraulic adjustment in conjunction with the corresponding blade bearings as a system. At the exhibition stand, these systems were shown with one large roller bearing embedded in the bottom, which is driven by a rotary drive. The hydraulic alternative is illustrated by a double acting hydraulic cylinder with a stroke length of about 1 m.

Also on display were externally toothed large bearings with a diameter of 2.50 m and various rotary drives, which are used for the blade and yaw adjustment of wind turbines of different sizes.


Offshore WIND Staff, November 20, 2012