LR,HHI start approval in principle for barge-mounted LNG power plant

Lloyd’s Register and Hyundai Heavy Industries have signed a joint development project to start an approval in principle for a barge-mounted dual-fuel power plant.

According to a Lloyd’s Register statement, HHI’s floating power plant solution named Hi-Floating Power, is capable of generating maximum power of 221MW by running 13 HiMSEN dual fuel engines, upgradeable up to 400MW through the addition of extra engines.

By separating duel fuel engines into two independent compartments it provides more reliable operation, even in the case of emergencies such as fire and/or shut-down of either compartment, the statement reads.

HHI’s solution can produce power with barge-mounted generators using natural gas sent out from adjacent LNG FSRUs via jetty or marine gas oil stowed on board as a back-up fuel.

By removing the need for LNG storage and regasification facilities onboard, design and build time is shortened with simpler configuration and improved safety features, LR said.

The mobility feature allowing the generation of electricity in collaboration with LNG FSRU only when needed and being independently stationed when not in operation, brings increased economic solutions to operators.

In addition, LR said the different models of dual-fuel engines can be selected according to the operator’s requirements allowing additional operational flexibility.

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