Minesto’s tidal kite nears take-off with new supply deals

Minesto has hired two UK-based companies to supply it with parts for the Deep Green tidal plant scheduled for installation off Wales later this year.

Swedish tidal energy developer has awarded a contract to Devon-based oceanographic equipment manufacturer Valeport to supply it with four speed flow sensors.

Speed sensors measure the undisturbed incident free stream flow velocity on Minesto’s Deep Green tidal energy converter, which is important for test results analysis and determination of prototype performance.

The contract was awarded on May 24, 2017, according to the Welsh government’s procurement portal Sell2Wales.

Also, Minesto awarded a contract for the supply of composite struts on May 9, 2017, to AC Marine & Composites in partnership with Off Limit Engineering.

The composite struts will connect the wing of tidal kite to the top joint, and transfer the majority of the tether load.

Alex Newton, Director at AC Marine & Composites, said: “The flexibility and versatility of composite manufacturing makes this technology a prime candidate for use in tidal energy devices.”

Minesto’s 500kW Deep Green tidal plant will be installed at Holyhead Deep, off North Wales.