Most read articles of 2014, Vol. 1

Dear readers, we hope a great night full of joy is behind you. As promised yesterday, we are bringing a list of the most read articles of the year 2014. Since we published around six thousand news articles in 2014, we have decided to run the list in two batches of 15 articles each. The first part you can read today, while the second batch is scheduled for Friday, January 2, 2015.


1. Patient dies after stepping out of helicopter over North Sea


2. Songa Mercur rig worker sees Malaysian jet crash?


3. Engineer killed in FSO fire in Indonesia


4. Large wave damages Ensco 8506 rig in Gulf of Mexico


5. Seven workers die in rig construction yard in Mexico


6.The world’s largest jack-up rig reaches Norway (Gallery)


7. Oil worker who claimed seeing MH370 plane in flames fired


8. 10 highest paid contract jobs in oil and gas industry


9. Giant ‘Pieter Schelte’ on its way to Rotterdam


10. Total CEO dies in tragic accident



11. Chinese ships crash into Vietnamese vessels amid offshore rig dispute


12. Infographics: How to build an offshore oil platform


13. Jobs slashed across Norwegian oilfield services sector


14. You can’t wear these when flying to UK offshore rigs



15. Super Puma crash might have been prevented


Offshore Energy Today Staff

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