MSC Cruises Suspends Tunisia Calls

 In the wake of terror attack at the Bordo National Museum, in Tunis, MSC Cruises has decided to suspend all remaining calls at Tunisian ports in the 2015 summer programme in the interests of guest and crewmember safety.

Twelve guests of MSC Cruises have been confirmed dead following the terrorist attack during a shore excursion at the port of La Goulette, Tunisia on Wednesday. Thirteen people have been injured in the tragic event, of which two are in serious condition.

“The safety and security of guests and crewmembers is MSC Cruises’ number one priority at all times, and the events that took place this week preclude the possibility of MSC Cruises calling in Tunisia for the foreseeable future,” the cruise liner said.

MSC Cruises added that it remains in continuous contact with relevant government ministries and international bodies, and does not consider additional itinerary changes to be necessary at this time.

Itineraries affected by the change will impact four of MSC Cruises’ 12 ships as follows:

  • MSC Splendida will call at Valletta, in Malta
  • MSC Fantasia will call at Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca
  • MSC Preziosa will call at Cagliari, in Sardinia
  • MSC Divina will call at Valletta a day earlier and head directly to Corfu, Greece

  “Sadly, the murderous actions of the people behind this devastating attack will have far-reaching and profoundly damaging effects on democratic Tunisia and its faltering economy. Tunisia can little afford to be considered a no-go zone at this time, but regrettably that is how tourists will now see it,” MSC Cruises Executive Chairman Pierfrancesco Vago said.

 “Tunis is a key destination for MSC Cruises, and we hope to be able to restore it to itineraries in due course. But until we receive the necessary reassurances that the security situation has returned to normal, we have to take our guests to alternative Mediterranean destinations,” Mr Vago added.