Mystery client hires PGS’ Ramform Tethys

Norwegian seismic company PGS has secured a 4D contract in Northern Europe with what it describes as an “independent energy company”.

Ramform Tethys. Source: PGS

The Ramform Tethys vessel is planned to mobilize for the survey in late April, with the project spanning around 30 days in total.

“We are very pleased with this contract award, marking the start of the Northern Europe summer season for the Ramform Tethys. By combining the Ramform acquisition platform with our proprietary multi-sensor GeoStreamer technology we will quickly provide the client with high-quality 4D seismic data,” said Rune Olav Pedersen, President & CEO of PGS.

PGS at the end of 2023 completed the reflagging of its entire fleet of owned vessels to Norway, a move said to have the global geopolitical situation as a driving factor. The reflagging journey commenced with Ramform Vanguard, registered with the Norwegian International Ship Register (NIS) in August 2021, and ended with the reflagging of the Ramform Tethys on December 5, 2023.

As part of its sustainability targets and desire to comply with emission reduction targets and new regulations, the Norwegian firm also recently announced it was switching to energy-efficient lighting for eight of its seismic vessels.

Speaking of other news coming from the company, it is worth mentioning that PGS signed an agreement with Shell for its cloud-based digital asset management solution designed specifically for seismic data enabled the UK-headquartered energy giant to streamline access to seismic data and accelerate workflows.

By leveraging the platform, Shell gains direct access to the seismic datasets it has licensed from the PGS data library. According to PGS, the solution seamlessly connects Shell’s exploration teams to the seismic data they need, and with rapid access, the company can focus on informed decision-making in the dynamic energy landscape.

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