Braveheart Spirit vessel; Source: N-Sea

N-Sea bolsters its subsea offering by prolonging charter deal for 2010-built vessel

The Netherlands-headquartered subsea solutions provider N-Sea has extended its long-term charter agreement with Braveheart Marine for a 73.2-meter-long and 16.5-meter-wide DP2 survey vessel. With this move, the Dutch player is strengthening its suit of subsea operations.

Braveheart Spirit vessel; Source: N-Sea

When N-Sea chartered the 2010-built Braveheart Spirit vessel, formerly known as DPSV Bourbon Gulf Star, in April 2022, the Dutch firm said the vessel was suited to operate in the southern and central North Sea due to its DP2 station-keeping capabilities and a carrying capacity of approximately 3,000 tons DWT.

N-Sea has now extended the long-term charter agreement for the vessel, enabling it to remain under its full management and control until December 31, 2025. After the vessel was acquired by Braveheart Marine in 2021, it was converted and upgraded to meet the latest industry standards.

“By having dedicated vessels, N-Sea can provide safer and more efficient operations through working with fully committed and integrated teams. With this extension, N-Sea can offer its clients, a unique set of subsea solution capabilities supported by experts,” explained the Dutch player.

The Dutch-flagged Braveheart Spirit vessel is capable of performing geotechnical, geophysical, and environmental surveys, IRM activities, walk-to-work activities, cable repair support activities, boulder clearance, as well as UXO surveys, identification, and disposal.

Earlier this month, N-Sea fortified its fleet and subsea activities with a 2012-built offshore support vessel, thanks to an agreement with Rederij Groen for the 4-WINDS vessel. The company has also managed to secure several contracts this year.

Following the conversion of the 7-Waves seismic support vessel into a survey vessel, which was done in collaboration with Rederij Groen, N-Sea began survey activities in August 2023 to support the development of the Nigeria-Morocco Gas Pipeline (NMGP) project.

Prior to this, the company got a new deal with ONE-Dyas in April 2023 to install a subsea power cable between the Riffgat offshore wind farm in the German North Sea and the new N05-A gas production platform.