Nevsky Shipyard Delivers Dry-Cargo Vessel “NEVA-LEADER 5” (Russia)

Nevsky Shipyard Delivers Dry-Cargo Vessel NEVA-LEADER 5 (Russia)

Delivery-Acceptance act for self-propelled dry-cargo vessel “NEVA-LEADER 5″ of RSD49 project was signed on September 11th, 2013. She is the fifth vessel in the series of 10 self-propelled dry-cargo vessels being built at Nevsky Shipyard for North-Western Shipping Company, JSC.

The project is developed by Marine Engineering Bureau-Design-SPb, JSC.

Nevsky Shipyard has already delivered 4 dry-cargo vessels to Customer. Nowadays, RSD49 project vessels transport general cargoes from North Europe ports to Russian river ports and South Europe seaports. In the period from November, 2012 to July, 18th, 2013 the first three RSD49 project vessels – “NEVA-LEADER 1”, “NEVA-LEADER 2” and “NEVA-LEADER 3” – transported 170 000 tons of cargo.


Nevsky Shipyard, September 12, 2013