New Zealand: Production from Awe’s Pateke Well Hits Snag

AWE Limited reports that the recommencement of production from the Pateke-3H well has been delayed due to further technical issues.

A clean up flow of the well was undertaken prior to the Kan Tan IV rig being released from site on October 15, 2010, with the well repair activities having been successfully completed.

The re-establishment of full oil production from the well, with rates forecast to be approximately 3,000 bopd once fully cleaned up, has encountered further constraints within the production flowpath.

AWE, in consultation with our technical advisors, is undertaking a thorough review of the issue and this trouble-shooting will continue to determine the cause and most efficient remedy.

Participants in PMP 38158 are:

AWE Limited (Operator) 42.5%

Mitsui E&P Australia Pty Limited 35.0%

Stewart Petroleum Co Limited (NZOG) 12.5%

WM Petroleum Limited (PPP) 10.0%


Source: Awexplore, October  20, 2010;