North Star Shipping expands fleet with two ERRVs

Craig Group has announced the launch of two new D-class IMT 950 Emergency Response and Rescue Vessels (ERRVs).


Craig Group to launch two ERRVs

Part of a £70 million ($112.4 million) investment plan for North Star Shipping which will see a total of six vessels delivered between 2014 and 2016, they have been named the Grampian Dynamic and the Grampian Dynasty and will create 48 new jobs.

Built at the Balenciaga Shipyard in Northern Spain, the vessels have secured contracts with North Sea Operators, starting immediately following delivery from the shipyard.

Douglas Craig, Chairman and Managing Director of Craig Group, said: “This is a significant investment by Craig Group and is one we are making as a result of our commitment to our clients, our employees and the marine industry. These new vessels are now part of a fleet that is not only at the forefront of technology, but also at the forefront of safety.”

50 metres in length, the vessels will be outfitted as a minimum with one daughter craft, one fast rescue craft and state of the art survival facilities. An additional two D-class vessels the Grampian Deliverance and the Grampian Devotion will be launched by North Star Shipping in 2015, followed by two F-class IMT 958 multi-role ERRVs in early 2016, completing the investment plan.

“Our new build programme cements North Star Shipping’s position as the largest wholly owned British fleet”

Slightly larger at 58 metres long with diesel electric propulsion via twin Azimuth Stern Drives, the F-Class vessels will also be equipped with Daughter Craft and Fast Rescue Craft as well as being able to transfer and store limited deck cargo and provide offshore locations with fresh water and fuel if required.

Callum Bruce, managing director, of North Star Shipping which is operated by Craig Group said: “Our new build programme cements North Star Shipping’s position as the largest wholly owned British fleet, engaged in the UK offshore industry.”

Craig Group has invested a total of £350 million in 28 new vessels for North Star Shipping, since 2003, including this most recent commitment.

Craig Group says this investment also allows North Star Shipping to continue to support British Shipping by training almost 100 cadets, supporting the next generation of seafarers in the industry. At present, including the two new D-class ERRVs, the fleet stands at 37 vessels and includes a mix of Platform Supply, Tanker Assist, ROV Support and Emergency Response and Rescue Vessels.


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