Norway: Imtech Marine to Present Multiflex Modular Concept for Offshore Support Vessels

At the Norshipping exhibition (24-27 May, Oslo) Imtech Marine will launch its modular and flexible concept “Multiflex”. On the basis of this concept, Imtech Marine works closely with ship owners and builders and offers them a system independent expert advice and selection from a wide range of technology solutions.

The customers have complete freedom of choice, selecting the most competitive, required technologies via one point of contact, Imtech Marine, and create an optimum custom made total solution. As a renowned system integrator, Imtech Marine takes full responsibility for the interfacing of the systems. The technology modules include Diesel-Electric Propulsion, Power Distribution, Vessel Automation, Dynamic Positioning, Navigation & Communication, HVAC (Heating,Ventilation & Air Conditioning), Fire Protection & Fire Fighting and Safety Systems. The worldwide service network of Imtech Marine provides 24/7 maintenance and service support throughout the ship’s life cycle.

Eric van den Adel, Managing Director of Imtech Marine says: “In January of this year, we announced our new company strategy up to 2015. This modular concept for Offshore Support Vessels fits perfectly into our strategy, which is focused on delivering real added value and solutions as well as excellent services to our customers. From the perspective of Imtech Marine the key success factor is the seamless integration of all chosen technologies into the vessel and the support and maintenance during the full life cycle, wherever the ship operates. As supplier independent specialist in the field of system integration with a service network covering 73 locations in 23 countries, Imtech Marine is the right partner to work with.”

Life cycle partnership

By focusing on the life cycle of the ship, and linking its knowledge of the new building phase (design and engineering) with the operational phase (maintenance), Imtech Marine is able to create smart solutions and advise customers how to optimise operating costs over the vessels entire life span. Imtech aims to provide efficient solutions according to the customer’s requirements, while minimising the risks. This starts with an early involvement in the conceptual ship’s design. The knowledge of the vessel’s functionality is used to create an optimal interface between the ship’s processes and the technology.

Imtech Marine: strong player in global marine market

Imtech Marine is a leading company in the global marine market, operating as a full-service provider and system integrator of tailor-made, innovative technology solutions covering the whole ship. Imtech Marine specialises in automation (platform and bridge), navigation & communication including connectivity, energy and drive solutions, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) solutions and fire protection technology, entertainment, lighting and maritime information services. Imtech Marine provides innovative systems and reliable services during the full lifetime of the ship. In 2010, Imtech Marine reached annual revenues of more than 500 million Euro, employing 2,500 employees at more than 70 offices based along shipping routes and close to shipbuilding centres.


Source: Imtech, May 18, 2011.