Norway: TGS Introduces Clari-Fi, New Seismic Data Processing Technique

TGS announces the release of Clari-Fi, a proprietary seismic data processing technique.

TGS’ Clari-Fi technique allows broadband seismic to be generated from conventionally acquired seismic data. In order to achieve this, acquisition related frequency attenuation effects and the attenuation caused by the earth’s filter must be addressed. TGS’ proprietary Clari-Fi imaging technique enhances low and high frequencies and effectively solves for the earth’s attenuation, resulting in images that are broadband and focused, thus improving the resolution of the data. This technique works with conventional streamer acquisition and so enables reprocessing of legacy data.

“The industry is increasingly recognizing the benefits of broadband data,” says Zhiming Li, Senior VP Data Processing and Research & Development. “Broadband seismic provides greater richness of both robust low frequencies – ideal for deep structure imaging and high frequencies – which aid temporal resolution.”

TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company (TGS) provides multi-client geoscience data and services to oil and gas Exploration and Production companies around the globe. TGS’ geophysical and geological data products include multi-client seismic libraries, permanent reservoir monitoring, magnetic and gravity data, the industry’s largest global database of digital well logs and regional interpretive products. TGS also provides high-end depth imaging services to help resolve complex seismic imaging problems.

Subsea World News Staff , June 04, 2012;  Image: TGS