Nova to study Bardsey Sound potential for tidal generation

Nova Innovation has received an agreement for lease (AfL) from The Crown Estate to explore the potential of Bardsey Sound for tidal power generation.

The AfL represents the first stage in the process that will allow development activity and consenting to formally start on the project dubbed Enlli and proposed off the Llyn Peninsula in North Wales, Nova informed.

It enables Nova and its regional partner organisation, YnNi Llyn, to start fully exploring the project’s potential through site surveys and studies to inform the technical feasibility.

A full Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) will also be carried out as part of the consenting process, Nova said.

It is anticipated that the assessment of the feasibility and viability of the project, as well as the EIA will take approximately one year to complete.

Joseph Kidd, Commercial Manager at Nova Innovation, said: “The project will provide significant opportunities for the local supply chain and help support the economic development of the local area. Nova and YnNi Llyn will be working together to make sure the local community is properly engaged, and that opportunities for maximizing community benefit are fully explored.”

Nova and YnNi Llyn signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that will see YnNi Llyn supporting Nova with the development of the tidal project, and Nova supporting YnNi Llyn with the development of infrastructure that will enable local use of energy.

Brian Thomas, on behalf of YnNi Llyn, said: “We welcome this exciting opportunity to engage in a leading-edge development of this nature and to build on Nova Innovation’s existing track record in the field. We also look forward to working closely with other industry experts within our Welsh universities, and with other key stakeholders in order to maximize the benefits of this project to the local area and its economy and most importantly its people.”

Once all of the assessments are completed, a marine license application will be submitted to the regulator, Marine Resources Wales.

It typically takes a further year for the regulator to assess the application and make a decision, and during this period, the public will have the opportunity to formally comment on the proposals, according to Nova.

Nova Innovation is a Scottish tidal energy developer which has installed an operated on the world’s first arrays of tidal turbines in the Bluemull Sound off the Shetland Islands in Scotland.