Offshore Renewables Award Goes to A2SEA ‘Sea Installer’

Offshore Renewables Award Goes to A2SEA ‘Sea Installer’

GustoMSC congratulates A2SEA with the Offshore Renewables Award. At the Offshore Support Journal Conference, A2SEA’s offshore wind turbine installation vessel ‘Sea Installer’ won first prize.

The award winning Sea Installer was built after GustoMSC’s NG-9000C design. A2SEA praised the vessel’s performance when it was first employed to install two 6MW offshore wind turbines at the Gunfleet Sands III site. Sea Installer 2 is currently being built and is expected to start operations in July 2014.

Renewable energy and windfarm installation costs need to be reduced. The NG-9000C is most effective for performing all UK Round 3 installation work efficiently due to its enormous capabilities in combination with its low CAPEX and low OPEX which allow for lower day rates.

GustoMSC realized this by carefully balancing free deck space and lift capacity which gives it an unrivalled effectiveness and efficiency for complete windfarm development campaigns: foundation, transition piece, and the complete wind turbine generator can be installed by one single unit.

Heart of the large effective deck area of the NG-9000C is the GustoMSC hydraulic jacking system that has a very small footprint compared to other jacking systems in the market. This hydraulic jacking system has been specifically developed for the large number of jacking moves envisaged in the wind turbine installation market and its design life supersedes the normally used rack and pinion systems thus reducing the OPEX. Moreover this hydraulic system does not require a time consuming and costly fixation system. The environmentally friendly jacking system does not require greasing of surfaces in connection with seawater.

The innovative 800 metric ton GustoMSC around the leg crane is the first of its kind in the world and another way of increasing effective usage of deck area by decreasing footprint in combination with a very small minimum working radius.


GustoMSC, February 27, 2013