Offshore wind sets up date with tidal and wave

East England-based hub for offshore renewables, OrbisEnergy, has scheduled an event that will examine cross-sector opportunities in offshore wind and wave and tidal industries.

There is significant overlap between offshore wind and wave and tidal energy when it comes to the supply chain, regulatory issues, and the operating environment, according to OrbisEnergy.

Offshore wind projects operate in harsh marine environments and development presents many of the same challenges and benefits.

“We are currently seeing an unprecedented level of development and construction within the offshore wind sector. With the greater level of construction, the questions arise as to the possibility of integrating other marine renewables together with offshore wind. This integration presents a number of advantages, including a better utilization of the marine space and lower installation costs,” OrbisEnergy said.

In this regard, the event, scheduled for April 25, 2018, will offer the chance to hear from the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult on the current status of tidal and wave industry, and present innovation challenges.

Information on the supply chain, market gaps and cost reduction challenges will also be presented.

In addition, Renewable UK will highlight the opportunities, with a focus on the state of industry for offshore wind and marine energy systems in the UK.

OrbisEnergy, owned by Suffolk County Council and managed by Nwes Property Services, is located at the UK’s most easterly point in Lowestoft, Suffolk, and acts as a catalyst for sector growth and supply chain development.

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