Okeanus expands ASV rental fleet

Okeanus has partnered with SeaRobotics to make autonomous surface vehicles (ASVs) increasingly available for international rental.

SR-Surveyor M1.8

The SR-Surveyor M1.8, a man-portable ASV from SeaRobotics, is one of the first additions to Okeanus’ portfolio of survey solutions.

Specifically, the SR-Surveyor M1.8 sensor suite allows simplified survey logistics and optimised data acquisition in shallow and hard-to-navigate waters.

To that end, the ASV comes with the complete package for bathymetry, habitat mapping, structure inspection and search and rescue.

Okeanus managing director Benton LeBlanc said:

“Offering a comprehensive suite of ASVs for rental provides our customers with the choice and flexibility they need to respond to their end customers with fit-for-purpose proposals.”

The SR-Surveyor M1.8’s payload comes with a multibeam echosounder and Velodyne Puck LiDAR as standard.

As a result, operators can capture a 360-degree view of all data points when inspecting coastal infrastructure.

Speaking of the partnership, SeaRobotics president Don Darling said:

“We recognize the growing demand for autonomous systems for hydrographic survey and the SR-Surveyor M1.8 is the only compact system on the market right now that offers such a diverse range of simultaneous data sets.”

Okeanus has also recently expanded its portfolio of survey equipment with three side scan sonars from Klein Marine Systems.

Klein has delivered its System 4900, System 4000, and MA-X View 600 side scan sonars.