CorPower Ocean's C4 wave energy device offshore Portugal (Courtesy of CorPower Ocean)

One step to go for California’s tidal and wave bill to become the law

The California State Senate has passed a ‘historic’ wave and tidal energy bill that directs the California Energy Commission to evaluate the feasibility, costs, and benefits of using wave and tidal energy across the Golden-State’s 840-mile coastline.

CorPower Ocean's C4 wave energy device offshore Portugal (Courtesy of CorPower Ocean)

The bill, SB 605, introduced by senator Steve Padilla (D-Chula Vista), now heads to governor Gavin Newsom’s desk for his consideration.

Once signed into law by governor Newsom, SB 605 will become the first legislation in America focused on the study, assessment, and promotion of wave energy.

Per the amended bill, the California Energy Commission will work with various state agencies, including the California Coastal Commission, the Ocean Protection Council, and other stakeholders to identify suitable locations for wave and tidal energy projects in both state and federal waters.

“Wave and tidal energy present an incredible opportunity for California to meet their clean energy goals. SB 605 will help us explore the potential for wave energy to expand our portfolio of clean renewable energy sources. If we can capture even a fraction of the potential power generated by our oceans, we open the door to exciting energy and employment opportunities,” said senator Padilla.

The legislation is supported by AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles, a 35-acre ocean technology campus and will soon be home to some of California’s first wave energy pilot stations.

In the coming months, Eco Wave Power will install its first US pilot station after previously establishing energy stations in Gibraltar and Israel. The pilot project is believed to be the first onshore wave energy station to be installed in the United States.

Inna Braverman, Eco Wave Power’s founder & CEO, said: “SB 605 is a landmark piece of legislation that continues to demonstrate California’s leadership in renewable energy.

“California’s 840-mile coastline is an ideal home to the nation’s first-ever wave and tidal energy legislation. Here at Eco Wave Power, we are aiming to have our innovative technology generating electricity at the Port of Los Angeles in the coming months to further demonstrate California’s leadership. We urge governor Newsom to sign SB 605 into law – a huge first step to unlock the full power of the ocean.”

Wave and tidal energy have the potential to supply 30% of America’s energy needs, according to a study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), a federally funded research and development center sponsored by the US Department of Energy. In California alone, wave energy has an energy potential of 140 TWh/year – enough to power approximately 13 million homes.

Last year, California’s state legislature set 2045 as its target for a 100% renewable and zero-carbon power grid, with the first benchmark target being 90% in 2035. In 2022, zero-carbon and renewable energy made up 54.23% of California’s total energy supply.

Terry Tamminen, president and CEO of AltaSea, said: “Utilizing wave and tidal energy is crucial to meeting California’s important goals for clean air and a climate-resilient economy. SB 605 is another example of California’s innovation and leadership in the fight against climate change. I’m hopeful that governor Newsom will sign SB 605 into law.”

Another wave energy company has sets its sights on the opportunities the California coastline has to offer. Namely, a Swedish developer CorPower Ocean signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with AltaSea to collaborate on studies focused on wave energy and its complementary role to other renewable energy sources like solar and wind.

“We’re hugely motivated by the prospect of developing a wave energy industry in the US, accelerating the energy transition and stimulating long-term jobs and wealth creation. We have been steadily ramping up activity in the US for several years. Our collaboration with AltaSea strengthens this foundation, opening up a tremendous resource in California and other West Coast states,” said CorPower Ocean’s head of business development, Anders Jansson.

To remind, CorPower Ocean recently deployed it’s commercial-scale C4 wave energy device offshore Portugal in an effort to make wave energy a bankable technology for mass deployment.

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