OneSubsea pens $80M subsea equipment deal in Egypt

OneSubsea™ has been awarded a contract of more than $80 million from Pharaonic Petroleum Company (PhPC) to supply subsea equipment for the East Nile Delta END-3 development offshore Egypt.

Installation & Commissioning OneSubsea

The scope of supply for the four well systems includes subsea production equipment, wet gas flow meters, HIPPS and installation and operational spares. This is an expansion of the Taurt development to which OneSubsea supplied equipment in 2006.

The development is located approximately 43 mi (70 km) offshore Egypt. This field was the first to utilize the OneSubsea Broadband Communication System which provides high speed fiber-optic communication for long step outs.

OneSubsea CEO Scott Rowe said, “The Taurt development has been extremely successful and we look forward to being a part of this continuing success and furthering our relationship with PhPC.”

Press Release, March 04, 2014