ORPC's modular RivGen power system (Courtesy of ORPC)

ORPC deploys next-gen RivGen hydrokinetic system

Ocean Renewable Power Company (ORPC) has deployed its modular RivGen power system for trials at its test site in Maine in the United States.

ORPC's modular RivGen power system (Courtesy of ORPC)
ORPC's modular RivGen power system (Courtesy of ORPC)
ORPC’s modular RivGen power system (Courtesy of ORPC)

ORPC’s modular RivGen device has been deployed at One North site in Maine, located at the former Great Northern Paper Mill, and established in collaboration with nonprofit organization Our Katahdin.

Developed for use in grid-connected markets, ORPC’s modular RivGen system is said to be suitable for applications in large rivers, for electrical vehicle (EV) charging networks, hydroelectric facilities, irrigation canals and bridges, piers, breakwaters and flood controls systems.

ORPC said earlier it will work One North to evaluate the site as a future hydrokinetic testing facility and a location to demonstrate contemporary use cases such as EV charging.

In addition to its own resources, ORPC secured funding from the US Department of Energy’s Water Power Technologies Office to help initiate associated product and market development.

To remind, ORPC recently deployed its first RivGen hydrokinetic power system in Canada, through its subsidiary ORPC Canada, at Seven Sisters Falls in Manitoba, in partnership with the Canadian Hydrokinetic Turbine Test Centre (CHTTC).

Shortly after, ORPC signed a memorandum of understanding with Schneider Electric to collaborate on microgrid projects and advance marine energy as a commercially-viable renewable energy source.

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