Downeast Machine and Engineering team members at the company’s Leeds, Maine, fabrication facility with ORPC engineer during building of structural components for ORPC’s first commercial RivGen device in December 2018.

ORPC taps Downeast Machine for second RivGen

ORPC has selected Downeast Machine & Engineering­ to build the structural components for its second commercial RivGen power system device.­


The Portland-based company will install the device in Igiugig, Alaska, in 2021, as part of a multi-year project.

The project gets support from the US DOE as well as private investment.

ORPC installed the first RivGen device, also constructed and assembled by Downeast Machine, in the local Kvichak River in 2019.

When completed the Igiugig project will feature two RivGen devices, smart grid controls and electronics, and an energy storage system.

As a result, the community’s use of diesel fuel should go down by 90 per cent.

“The Igiugig-ORPC partnership is the model marine renewable energy project in the United States today and exemplifies a long-term and predictable renewable energy solution available to remote communities around the world,” said ORPC CEO, Stuart Davies.

Michael Bertrand, project manager for Downeast Machine, stated:

“We are very excited to, again, have the opportunity to work with ORPC in the manufacture, fabrication and assembly of a second RivGen device.

“These large-scale, fabricated assemblies are uniquely suited to our highly skilled fabricators and industrial-sized fabrication facility.”

ORPC has an engineering laboratory in Brunswick, where Downeast Machine will assist its engineers with final RivGen system integration.