OX2 establishes green hydrogen partnership with Finnish company

Sweden-based OX2 has entered into a partnership with the Norwegian consumer goods company Orkla to supply green hydrogen to the company’s Haraldsby factory in Åland.


The aim of the cooperation is to assess and plan the supply of hydrogen from 2025.

The hydrogen for Orkla’s factory in Saltvik, Åland would be supplied from OX2’s planned Energy Park at Möckelö, as well as from additional solar park projects and eventually from the Noatun North and South offshore wind projects via planned hydrogen production in Långnäs (Mega Green Port).

According to OX2, the plan is to replace imported propane gas with locally-produced hydrogen. Orkla Group is aiming to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 60 per cent by 2025 and to achieve that, the group will reduce its carbon dioxide emission on Åland by 20 per cent.

We consider Orkla’s factory in Haraldsby to be a good first example of the possibilities offered by hydrogen, and after this pilot we will examine the possibility of scaling it up at other Orkla factories in our large corporate group,” said Christer Söderström, Factory Manager Orkla Åland.

A few days ago, OX2 and the Bank of Åland, who are jointly developing two multi-gigawatt-scale offshore wind farms in Finland, initiated a feasibility study on Mega Grön Hamn (Mega Green Port), a project involving large-scale production and distribution of hydrogen and e-fuel in Åland.

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The companies plan to establish the Mega Green Port at a site coexisting with the Port of Långnäs, deemed a suitable hub for their offshore wind projects Noatun North and South, which are planned to have a total generation capacity of 8 GW.