Photo: Kraken Robotics (Illustration)

PanGeo Subsea marks record year in acoustic corer contracts

PanGeo Subsea, a subsidiary of Kraken Robotics, is nearing completion of its busiest year so far in terms of acoustic corer contracts, valued at over $8 million in 2022.

Earlier this year, PanGeo won a $5 million contract in the U.S. to support an oil platform decommissioning survey and acquire 63 overlapping acoustic cores.

The 63 individual cores were migrated into a single high-resolution 3D acoustic volumetric data set, identifying buried infrastructure at depths up to 60 meters below the mud line.

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Following completion, the acoustic corer was mobilized in the Dutch North Sea, where it surveyed seven locations for a gas development project in order to locate and image buried boulders greater than 0.5 meters within the sub-seabed and map the depth of lithological boundaries, correlating them with geotechnical properties.

The acoustic corer is currently deployed in the Baltic Sea, surveying 30 locations at a wind farm offshore Poland. Here, it is set to locate buried anomalies, including boulders, and chart lithological boundaries to support the design and subsequent installation of foundations.

“We are very pleased to see such high utilization of the AC,“ Moya Cahill, CEO of PanGeo Subsea. “With our most recent upgrades, we continue to offer more value to our clients as faster scan times not only offer cost savings, but also help reduce our carbon footprint.”

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