Pelamis Wave Power to Discuss Wave Farm at Farr Point with Local Residents

Pelamis Wave Power to Discuss Wave Farm at Farr Point with Local Residents

Pelamis Wave Power is holding a series of public consultation events next week for local residents and stakeholders to hear about plans for a proposed wave farm at Farr Point, off the north coast of Sutherland.

The Farr Point project represents the next development phase for Pelamis after testing machines at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) and the public information dates form part of the Pre-Application Consultation process for the offshore aspects of the project, in advance of Pelamis submitting its consent application later this year.

The Pelamis Development Team will be on hand to discuss likely themes and issues affecting the residents in the area such as potential environmental impacts, navigation, visibility from the mainland and creation of jobs.

Pelamis is working with a local academic institution, the Environmental Research Institute (ERI) in Thurso, to carry out environmental monitoring of the Pelamis machines being tested at EMEC in order to inform the consenting process, as well as supporting offshore surveys and resource assessment at the Farr Point site.

Laura Carse, Pelamis project development manager for Farr Point said:

“The development at Farr Point represents a unique opportunity to demonstrate the Pelamis wave energy converter in a commercial demonstration. We’ve already measured waves almost 10 meters high at the site, which gives an indication of the power and resource that we’re tapping in to.

“Consulting the public is a key component of this development and the team and I are looking forward to welcoming residents and stakeholders to the public events next week to hear their views and answer any questions they may have.” 


Press release, March 20, 2014; Image: Pelamis Wave Power