Petrobras awards long-term charters to POSH flotel duo

Offshore marine services provider PACC Offshore Services Holdings (POSH) has secured long-term charters for two of its offshore semi-submersible accommodation units – POSH Arcadia and POSH Xanadu – with Petrobras.

POSH Xanadu at Triunfo port in Rio de Janeiro
POSH Xanadu at Triunfo port in Rio de Janeiro; Source: POSH

The two flotels will provide maintenance and accommodation support for multiple Petrobras platforms and floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) vessels in Brazil waters for approximately three years, POSH said in a statement on Friday.

The flotel owner said that these contracts also include an option to extend for a further 1.5 years for both vessels.

This is POSH Xanadu’s third and POSH Arcadia’s first contract with Petrobras.

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The two vessels have also supported some of the world’s leading offshore projects in recent times, including for the Shell Prelude – the largest ever offshore floating facility, Chevron’s Big Foot Tension Leg Platform project, and Shell’s Gumusut Kakap Turnaround project.

Ulva Chai, Managing Director, Offshore Services, POSH, said, “We are proud for POSH to have both flagship SSAVs simultaneously secure long-term charters with Petrobras amid stiff competition.

“Amid COVID-19, we will work to ensure the health and safety of all involved without compromising our trademark world-class service”.

POSH Xanadu at Triunfo port in Rio de Janeiro
POSH Xanadu at Triunfo port in Rio de Janeiro; Source: POSH

Lee Keng Lin, Chief Executive Officer, POSH, said, “Our repeat wins with Petrobras is especially momentous amid such uncertain times. This further differentiates and solidifies our position within the offshore accommodation space, which remains a major part of our business.

“These charters will provide the stability to our business in the coming years as we continue to accelerate POSH’s transformation to become a future-ready, sustainable solutions provider for the global energy sector”.

The vessels are scheduled to start operations at the beginning of 2021.

POSH Arcadia and POSH Xanadu are designed for deep waters and harsh operating environments.

The two comfort class DP3 SSAVs are equipped with sophisticated machinery redundancy and platform stability and can each take up to 750 pax, offering “walk-to-work” capabilities.